Thomas Chen

Portfolio Management Associate

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. I originally planned to go to medical school, but after spending some time shadowing doctors and applying to medical school, I found myself pulled in a different direction. Being raised by a businessman father, I was constantly surrounded by an entrepreneurial environment. After graduating college, I pursued a career in business.

I began working a variety of sales and marketing positions gaining experience in multiple startup environments. I started out as a sales manager for a company in Taiwan that created super capacitors for different applications. Then after spending some time as a chemist for an industrial LCD manufacturer, I moved to California to work as a product and project manager for a startup company in the consumer electronics industry. After my time in California, I started doing sales and marketing for a company based in Chicago that manufactured equipment for power plants and refineries. From there, I transitioned into a chief operations officer role where I managed multiple eCommerce and retail businesses.

Throughout my experiences I have held a variety of positions and I was able to experience a diverse range of industries. I have built up a collection of skills, while also staying adaptable so that I can handle any task that may be presented to me. I have a high proficiency with Microsoft Excel, creating a database proposal system within a single document. I also have extensive marketing experience in different industries along with a strong operations and customer service foundation. I look forward to applying these skills to help Chung in managing client’s portfolios and providing the best level of service with my honest and dependable character. With my thirst for learning, I always strive to find ways to improve myself and to put my best foot forward for the clients.